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🖖 Open Thanks Letter 2023

· 3 min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov
Maintainer of Thanks Letter of End 2023

Dear friends and partners of,

With great enthusiasm and pride, I address you with this open letter of gratitude. My project,, could not have reached such heights without your invaluable support and contribution.

Together, we have created something extraordinary – a platform that unites, inspires and making your live is safer, and I would like to extend sincere thanks to each and every one of you.

To Companies

Thanks to the companies that provided us with resources, solutions, funding and expertise, I were able to significantly enhance the functionality of Your contribution has enriched the experience of users and made our platform more accessible and effective.

DNS Cloud Providers

  • - for providing us with a best DNS hosting solution and free GeoDNS Plan for the project

VPS Servers

  • - for providing us with a free credits for VPS servers for the project
  • GCore Labs - for providing us with a free VPS servers for the ADA project in Japan, Tokyo
  • - for providing us with a free VPS servers for the RIC project in Kazakhstan, Karaganda
  • - for providing us with a free VPS servers for the ADA project in Kazakhstan, Almaty
  • - for providing us with a free VPS servers for the ADA project in Latvia, Riga

Monitoring Solutions

  • Netdata - for providing us with a free Business Plan for the
  • UptimeRobot - for providing us with a free Pro Plan for the

Coding Solutions


  • PowerDMARC - supported with a funding for the project

I am grateful for your support and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future 🔮


All company logos and links contains on the who helps to the growth 🚀 section.

To Individuals

To individuals who contributed their skills and time, I want to express deep gratitude. Your willingness to share knowledge and experience has made me stronger, and our project more valuable to society.


Each who has contributed to the project has name in special Thanks section on the website.

With each new member of our team, we expand the horizons of possibilities.

Thanks to all of you

Thank you for your involvement, inspiration, and hard work. Together, we can achieve even greater heights and create something truly amazing.

Let's continue our journey together and make even better. Thank you for your excellence and belief in our shared success.

Best regards, Yevgeniy Goncharov, Founder