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Block advertising, tracking, telemetry, malicious domains and more...

Free DNS - with DoT, DoH

How to setup - 5min ⏱️ Intro

Be yourself, be focused is a service designed to minimize Internet noise such as advertising and tracking, allowing you to be yourself and stay focused while surfing the Internet. And of course you can Help Us

Get in a better way to work online.

Without agents and without software installs.

  • Works on mobile devices and browsers
  • For personal usage, home and small business
  • Reduce browsers memory and CPU usage
  • Reduce potentially Information Security Risks
  • Unlimited access with 100k+ queries per day
  • Service lives thanks to your help. Help us to improve this advantages. Get benefits from Donations DNS Site Logo
Browser quick setup

Adapted (ADA). For most users:

Get Started for: Browsers, Mobile, and more...

Adaptive DNS

ADA - Adaptive DNS: Fast and Flexible Internet surfing with Social Networks, Google, Microsoft, Yandex and etc. services

Restricted DNS

RIC - Strict DNS: Blocks many marketing and tracking resources, which may affect access to certain internet content

Mobile Devices

Android, iOS, iPad devices. Just setup "Private DNS" on Android or download profile for Apple devices.


Let’s to reduce your traffic!

Increased battery life and reduced CPU load. With:

Easy setup

DoH, DoT

+ who helps to the growth πŸš€


Thanks for Support and Donations! 🌟


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