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Introduction Service Project service is designed to minimize Internet noise in the form of advertising, tracking, etc. This allows you to be yourself, to be in focus while Internet surfing.

You can use with DoT, DoH on mobile devices, laptops, browsers, home network, in your small business without agent installation, etc.


Malicious content surrounds Internet users, including:

  • Unprotected segments of the population: children, schoolchildren, students, people far from IT technologies
  • Unsecured Networks: Home Networks, Small Businesses, etc.

In notation, the term "malicious" means all traffic that carries at least some negative load to the Internet user, including sending metrics, tracking, collecting telemetry, viral activity, advertising, downloading ads and everything else negatively affecting the digital life of the Internet user. An implicit preventive measure, in the form of a service, can potentially reduce informational and other risks.

Getting Started