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πŸš€ New zDNS Big Updates and Features

Β· 2 min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov

zDNS v0.2.5 Release with Big Updates and Features

Few month ago I stared develop from scratch zDNS service, and now I hope, it is ready for production usage...


  • Restrict DNS queries by type like as A, AAAA, HTTPS, CNAME, MX, PTR
  • Balancing DNS traffic between upstream servers
  • Providing Prometheus metrics
  • DNS responses caching by custom TTL
  • Has few working modes - Zero Trust, Allow/Blocking domain names
  • Has separated "Permanent" mode with additional custom upstream DNS servers
  • Can load allow/block lists from local and remote through HTTP(S)
  • Create/Delete custom users with different configs and hosts files
  • Can run as separated instance for each different users
  • Has TCP/UDP DNS interfaces
  • Can run as daemon or one-shot mode
  • Can parse DNS names with regular expressions...

Looking Forward​

I am looking forward to the future of the project and hope that it will continue to grow and develop.

Now I'm testing exclusive option - unique DoH links with unique allow/block domain lists...

In the near future, I hope everyone will be able to use their own unique opportunity of usage in personal browsers and phones, where they will be able to independently manage their personal own white and black lists (for example, via Git)..

Be the first to try it, leave your contacts in this form and I will contact you as soon as the service is ready:

How to Use​

All related content about zDNS you can find on the zDNS GitHub repository.

Feedback is welcome! Contacts.