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· One min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov

Upcoming Changes in

As time progresses and the user base grows, server capacities are expanding, necessitating more servers and funds. However, the budget is already allocated and distributed.

In light of the above, some changes are planned for the architecture of

  • ADA (DNS 53): Disable everywhere except for the main two or three servers
  • RIC (DNS 53): Eliminate DNS 53 on all RIC servers, leaving only - DoT, DoH.

In summary: DNS 53 will remain only in the ADA infrastructure.

Important: Please let me know if this may break something for you; we will think together about what can be done.

Anyone who can contribute to the project, please don't hesitate. You can find information on how to do this and the benefits you can expect here.

🤝 Thanks to everyone who has helped and continues to help. Blessings to you all!

· One min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov

🚀 Exciting October'23 Upgrades at! 🚀

We're thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements in our ecosystem. Here's what's new:

  • New Filtering Routine Server: Strengthening the core of with a brand new filtering routine server.
  • Enhanced Performance: Boosted RAM and CPU power on select servers for even smoother operation.
  • German Server Addition: Testing out a new server in Germany for frontend scoping.
  • Rule Tweaks: Updated blocking rules to better combat abused IPs and CIDRs.
  • Improved Resource Handling: Optimized performance for web resources like Krisha, IvI, and Yandex Maps.

🚫 Reducing Threats: We've successfully blocked Kazakhstan-associated YoroTrooper attacks and the threat of spying on your iPhone. Plus, we've thwarted Keepass faked malware.

📣 Stay Connected:

  • Join our official Telegram channel: Link
  • Follow us on LinkedIn: Link is your go-to service for a cleaner, distraction-free online experience.

Help us make the internet a better place for all! 💪

· One min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov

Update HTTPS certificates will progress tonight

  • ADA - Issue and Update certificates
  • RIC - Issue and Update certificates

This action will not affect your connectivity.

This message is to let you know that this is a legitimate, planned procedure.

· One min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov


In Almaty, this Thursday, October 19, at 7:00 PM in SmartPoint, I'll be presenting an open report on the topic of "Security and DNS."

The Importance of DNS

We all recognize that DNS is the backbone of the internet; without it, nothing would function properly. It's everywhere, yet its significance in cybersecurity often goes unnoticed.

What to Expect

While the document is still a work in progress, I plan to cover the following key areas:

  • Why DNS is crucial and how it operates
  • Its impact on security
  • How it affects users
  • DNS and Threat Intelligence
  • The origins of DNS 😡

Event Details

Admission is free. Unfortunately, the link to the event is only available on LinkedIn, where you can find the full agenda.

For those attending, see you at the event! ✌️))

· One min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov

In first - Big Thanks to the DNS Blocklists project for their significant contribution to "Keep the internet clean" ideology

In this quarter of 2023, I've introduced various enhancements to the ecosystem.

🔻Here's the scoop

  • 1️⃣ now incorporates the DNS Blocklists project into its own DNS filtering mechanisms, ensuring a cleaner internet experience.
  • 2️⃣ Successfully resolved major Apple content delivery issues for Eastern Europe, enhancing DNS delivery experience.
  • 3️⃣ Experience a boost in DNS response speed by approximately 5%. The General pool is now around ~111ms, while Local pools are at ~70ms.
  • 4️⃣ According to Alternativeto, stands out as an alternative to Quad9, NextDNS, AdGuard DNS, AhaDNS, and BlahDNS.

✨ And most importantly, is your go-to solution for a clean Internet – free from Ads, Tracking, Metrics, Telemetry, Phishing, Malware and all that other "Crap.” without agent installations and add-ins in your browsers.

Embrace yourself and stay focused with the power of clean Internet with DNS 😎

· One min read
Yevgeniy Goncharov

What's the Difference Between Ada and Ric

  • 🌟 Ada - Adaptive DNS: Harmoniously filters malicious content and ensures seamless internet connectivity whenever possible
  • 🚫 Ric - Strict DNS: Blocks many marketing and tracking resources, which may affect access to certain internet content

I recommend Ada for most DNS users. Get-Started.

OpenBLD ADA & RIC differences

Curious to learn more? Dive into the details here Take care of yourself. Peace out! ✌️