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↘ OpenBLD.net Growth in Q2 2023

· 2 мин. чтения
Yevgeniy Goncharov
Maintainer of OpenBLD.net


In the ever-evolving OpenBLD ecosystem, the second quarter of 2023 has witnessed remarkable growth and some exciting changes. OpenBLD.net, the service committed to minimizing the internet noise caused by advertising and tracking, has evolved to introduce cutting-edge features like Anycast/GeoDNS, DNS-over-HTTPS, and DNS-over-TLS.

New Features

This evolution has brought forth two new services: Adaptive (ADA) and Strict (RIC), which are set to replace A-BLD and BLD. But what sets them apart? It's time to find out.

Testing Phase

I've been testing these new services for over two weeks now, and I must say, they are impressive. For all OpenBLD users, I encourage you to give them a try. Here's how you can make the switch:

  • For DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), replace https://a-bld.sys-adm.in/dns-query with https://ada.openbld.net/dns-query

  • For DNS-over-TLS (DoT), switch from a-bld.sys-adm.in to ada.openbld.net

  • For DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), replace https://bld.sys-adm.in/dns-query with https://ric.openbld.net/dns-query

  • For DNS-over-TLS (DoT), switch from bld.sys-adm.in to ric.openbld.net

In a week or two, A-BLD will be fully merged with ADA, ceasing to exist as we know it. One server ( will be replaced by another ( for faster and more efficient service. Don't wait; start your testing today!


All of this growth and development would not have been possible without the incredible support we've received this year. OpenBLD is grateful for the backing from the following organizations:

Special thanks to the Kazakhstan-based hosting providers Unihost.kz and GOhost.kz for their support and collaboration 🤜️️️️️️🤛️️️️️️

Join Us

You, too, can contribute to this open service aimed at filtering malicious content. Reach out to us with Contacts page to be part of our mission.

OpenBLD.net is growing, evolving, and making the Internet a better place for everyone. Join us in this exciting journey! 🚀

↘ GeoDNS Pre-release Testing

· 1 мин. чтения
Yevgeniy Goncharov
Maintainer of OpenBLD.net

I'm working on new OpenBLD DoH/DoT release with Anycast DNS, GeoDNS (Europe, Asia locations) functionality.

I think this or next month, I'll start the new faster DoH/DoT OpenBLD testing release with automatic identification of the closest server location continent and network route detection for OpenBLD clients.

You can fill this form in, after review I'll "ping" you with testing as soon as possible:


Let's make internet surfing faster and safer together. Peace ✌️

↘ OpenBLD.net and ClouDNS

· 1 мин. чтения
Yevgeniy Goncharov
Maintainer of OpenBLD.net

OpenBLD.net — Next Stage to Growth with ClouDNS

GeoDNS and Global Anycast DNS features from ClouDNS - it as a brilliant opportunity for additional OpenBLD Performance and Availability

Today ClouDNS supported OpenBLD DNS and provided own features for free:

  • Anycast DNS service and Anycast GeoDNS servers
  • DDoS Protection
  • DNS Failover checks
  • EDNS-client-subnet support
  • and more...

ClouDNS providing flexible tools for managements services and very affordable pricing plans and it is I like it very much.

This can be a key milestone in the development phase of the OpenBLD project, it is a next stage for growth. I have special domain name for OpenBLD DNS project, may be it is a "that very moment"...

  • All ClouDNS features you can found on ClouDNS Site
  • How to protect for your self and family with OpenBLD.net here