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🛡OpenBLD.net Outperformed AdGuard, Cloudflare, Quad9 in blocking malware domains

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Yevgeniy Goncharov

JetBrains OSS OpenBLD.net support

OpenBLD.net outperformed AdGuard, Cloudflare, Quad9 in blocking malware domains!


Some time ago, OpenBLD.net was added to the URLhaus project. URLhaus is a project operated by abuse.ch with the goal of sharing and preventing malicious URLs that are being used for malware distribution.

The ecosystem of the service, based on the philosophy of blocking internet noise, has demonstrated excellent protection against malicious domains and intrusive ads. 💪

What now

According to URLhaus statistics, OpenBLD.net surpasses giants like AdGuard, Cloudflare, and Quad9 in blocking malware and unwanted domains. 🛡️

OpenBLD.net doesn't just offer protection - it creates a sense of security for your online space.

Your donations and sponsorship can help us become even better and ensure the stable development of the service.

What's next?

Join OpenBLD.net today, and together we'll make the internet safer and quieter!

Peace ✌️